First Line (Primary)Treatment Center for Corona at Panchayat Level

This page describes the primary treatment centers being setup for treatment of Corona at the Panchayat Level.

1. Why do we need a Primary Treatment Center.

The load of patients who need primary care for corona treatment is anticipated to be much higher than the overall healthcare capacity of the district. 70-80% of the patients are either asymptomatic (no symptoms) or have mild symptoms (dry cough/runny nose/diarrhoea). Such patients require minimal medical care and can be managed at the primary treatment center setup at the Village Panchayat Level. If we set this model up, even if the pandemic spreads rapidly through the population, it will create a system that ensures patients get treatment as well as avoids an overload of the healthcare system at hospitals.

2. What is a Primary Treatment Center for Corona.

A Primary Treatment Center is a temporary facility created to augment the healthcare system of the district and provide care for 70-80% of patients. This facility is created by converting existing facilities like Community Halls in local panchayats into Treatment centers where patients in the locality can reach out for care.

3. Background Context of Ernakulam District

1. In Ernakulam District, there are 82 village panchayats, 13 Municipalities and 1 Corporation.

2. The average population residing in a village panchayat is 30,000 citizens. 3. The Primary Treatment Center will be setup at panchayat/municipality/corporation level under the leadership of Primary Health Center and Local Self Government leadership.

4. The Medical/Clinical Leadership of the Primary Treatment Center is to be provided by the Medical Officer, Primary Health Center.

5. The Leadership responsibility for interacting with community is with the Local Self Government President and Secretary.

6. The Primary Treatment Center will also take support from the Police Department and Revenue Department (Village Officer) within the Panchayat for support in its operations.

7. At Ernakulam district, we aim to setup two Model Primary Treatment Center (one for males and another for females and children). 8. Once we learn the processes to create a center, these can be used to guide other Village Panchayats/Municipalities/Corporation to rapidly setup these centers based on requirements.

The details of Organisation Structure, Operating Model, Patient Management, Waste Management, Inventory Management and Training are described separately.


We keep the short stay homes ready and different from CCC’s. Short Stay Homes - We cannot keep symptomatic patients here. These rooms are not visible. People who worsen can worsen quickly and thus the doctor/nurse should be able to watch. This is for people who need isolation.

_ Goals for Today 1. Streamline Critical Systems at EKM. 2. Setup a Model CCC in one Panchayat by Friday afternoon

3. Systems review on friday evening 6:30 pm. -- There are 6 Responsibilities split between Private and Public Sector.

Private Partner (Educational Institution) 1) Providing a suitable location and infrastructure for the model center

2) Helping to bring together a team of volunteers to help the center head run the center

3) Coordinate with the Centre Head to run the centre smoothly

Public (State Government)

1) Appoint an Official Center Head to manage the CCC 2) Ensuring Inventory Supplies and other Centralised Facilities for Technology Backbone, Training for Volunteers, Inventory Supplies, Ambulance Network, Food Management, and Waste Disposal

3) Liaison with the State Police, Local Self Government / Village Panchayat Members for ensuring smooth operation of the Corona Care Center.

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