Funeral Management

This page describes the funeral management system that is integrated into the Hospital Care System

Background: A person who had coronavirus disease has died. There are protocols that have to be strictly followed at the Hospital, District Administration and by family of the deceased. The following guidelines issued by Government of Kerala has to be fully understood by everyone.

The main steps for giving a dignified funeral for the deceased are given below.

  1. All Staff at the Hospital have to be aware of the Dead Body Management Protocols that have been issued by the Government of Kerala.

  2. The Main Relative of the person who will receive the body has to be identified and registered into the Hospital Care System (Name/Mobile Number/Relationship of the deceased).

  3. The Main Relative has to be counselled in the precautions to be taken. This is also available in the same link.

  4. The main relative has also to be provided with necessary gloves, masks and hand sanitisers as given the Kerala Government Guidelines.

  5. The Hospital Care System has to inform the Local Public Health Authority at the Primary Health Center or Corporation that a person has passed away.

  6. The Hospital Care System also needs to inform representatives of District Administration (Tahasildar).

  7. The dead body has to be packed in a triple layer of body bag as per guideline and handed over to the Relative.

  8. The dead body needs to be transported in a designated ambulance of CoronaSafe Network from Hospital to the Destination / Cremation Ground.

  9. The Hospital Administrator has to ensure that the Ambulance Driver is trained in the Protocol for Ambulance Transportation of Dead Body.

  10. The Main relative needs to do cremation with care and precaution as per guideline.

  11. Local Public Health Authority has to ensure that #9 is followed.

  12. District Administration has to oversee and troubleshoot any glitches in the above steps.

Things to Do:

  1. Data Mapping of LSGD’s has to be given by Anju to Bodhi. There has to be a system where they can see the number of people died.

  2. There has to be a login for District Administration (Tahsildar)

  3. Ambulance App needs to have a system where they can confirm they have received training in Protocols for Transfer of Dead Body.

  4. (The PHC/Corporation person has to have a login where they can confirm that protocols have been adhered in each case. There should be a free form to give notes if any so that any deviation noticed can be recorded)

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