Mission and Strategy

Our Goal is to defend the state from attack of the corona virus by protecting our medical system by avoiding its crumbling down with an overload of patients.

I. Introduction to War Against Corona

  1. The Goal for each citizen living under a particular nation/state/district/village is to prevent the overall healthcare system from collapsing due to overload of patients who might catch fever at the same time.

  2. It is important to understand that the time given under lockdown is for district administrations to ramp up their healthcare capacities and buy time to prepare the population on what is the emergency response plan.

  3. It is after the emergency of 1978 that district collectors have been put in charge of entire administration of the country.

  4. The Ernakulam (Kochi) District administration along with Government of Kerala and support from civil society has setup an Emergency Response Plan for the District that is run on a powerful technology backend.

  5. This Emergency Response Plan that is integrated into a technology framework is called the Corona Wars - Kochi Experience and is being put out in general public as information for other district collectors/ state administrators/national government authorities to learn from and take what can be useful for implementation in other districts.

  6. We are purposefully NOT calling this a "Model" to avoid blind copy-paste of what happened in Ernakulam/Kochi District to other districts.

  7. This is because the challenges in each district will be different.

  8. Individuals with Leadership experience are required to support District Collectors to use the base technology framework and systems that has been created in Ernakulam but then create their own Emergency Response Plans.

II. Two step strategy:

Step #1. Corona Health Literacy Mission: WHO has brilliant content but in english.

We are translating this entire knowledge from WHO into Malayalam on Gitbook unlike the official site of Department of Health Services which has PDF's and not easy for the lay internet user. (http://dhs.kerala.gov.in/)

https://ml.coronasafe.in/ : Working is going on in parallel by small army of volunteers to translate content into something that every Malayalee can send in whatsapp. Critically, it will have a section for preventing fake news/myths as well.

Once citizens learn, there is a quiz for citizens to take and ensure that each one has the required knowledge. This is also bring translated into Malayalam.

Work in Progress: https://quiz.coronasafe.in/

Step#2: Corona Care Center Network: A full network of temporary facilities that are setup to augment the capacity of the healthcare system are called Corona Care Centers.(CCC)

a. People who fall sick will go to the center first where they can get quarantined/be treated for mild illnesses.

b. People who fall critical will be transported by State wide Ambulance Network to nearest hospital which has the capacity.

III. We are now gathered preliminary requirements for creating a model CCC and plan to test this is one school (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loyola_School,_Thiruvananthapuram) and test the full physical + software system.

IV. Once the software system is live - it will have features for

A. Individual Corona Care Center

Capacity Modelling -> Organisation Structure -> Volunteer Registration-> Patient Management -> Waste Management

B. Centralised Reporting and Dashboards for

Technology Development -> Training of Volunteers-> Inventory Supplies-> Ambulance Network -> Centralised Waste Disposal

Current Status: Requirement gathering and process document complete at https://model.coronasafe.in/

Edit Permissions: https://app.gitbook.com/invite/coronasafe?invite=-M2J7SfjFHJ3nNGe_VHC

Github Organization: https://github.com/coronasafe/ CCC Model: https://github.com/coronasafe/model

Our Contributors https://github.com/coronasafe/coronasafe.in/graphs/contributors https://github.com/coronasafe/awareness/graphs/contributors

VI. Offensive Strategy:

Once the vaccine has been developed by scientists in parallel, our war strategy moves into offensive gear where we fight out the vaccine with active Corona Virus immunisation programmes.

We dont know the exact time estimate for this and estimates range from 6 months - 18 months (Sept 2020 to Sept 2021) so we need to plan ahead to ensure the self, family, state and nation is safe. A detailed beginners guide for understanding the minute details of this War Strategy is available at https://beginnersguide.coronasafe.network

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