Checklist for setting up Digital War Rooms at Collectorates

This page describes the checklist for setting up a digital war room at a district collectorate

Quick Introduction to setting up Digital War Rooms at your district Collectorate.

  1. It is mission critical to first internalise clearly the overall mission and strategy so that all action under your command is co-ordinated into a single strategy towards winning the overall mission.

  2. Your Mission is to protect the healthcare system of the district/state/nation from a meltdown due to overload in capacity.

  3. Strategy: Load balance human patient inflow into the healthcare system with the overall capacity of the healthcare system of your district. (physical assets+human assets).

  4. Your Primary challenge: District Collectorates have no live data systems that would give information on either patient inflow or total capacity of the healthcare system at unit level on the ground or aggregate level at village panchayat/district/state level.

  5. Setting up Critical emergency operations subsystems: You have to quickly operationalise four key subsystems in parallel to be setup in your district.

  6. These four Critical Subsystems form the core of what is called the CoronaSafe Network that will provide you the most vital data as a district collector to make strategic and tactical decisions.

6.1 A Healthcare Physical Assets Network that connects all physical assets of the healthcare system in your district a. All healthcare assets in your district (All Hospitals, Beds, Ventilators, ICU’s)

b. All ambulances in your district

c. All Primary Health Centers and Medical Stores in your district

d. All Covid19 Sample Testing Labs in your state

6.2. A HealthCare Human workforce Network that connects all human assets in your district including Doctors/Medical Interns/Medical Students/Nurse/Nursing Interns and students/Pharmacist/Lab Technician/Field Health Staff) across all fields of medical profession (Modern Medicine/AYUSH/Dentist) 6.3. An Emergency Logistics Network to move Patients, Food and Medicines from Point A to Point B either in Ambulances or Volunteer Vehicles. 6.4 First Line Treatment Centers at every ward in every panchayat for patients with mild symptoms to visit for treatment and stay under observation for 14-28 days. 15% of patients are expected to require hospitalisation (move such patients to Taluk Hospitals) and 5% are expected to require ICU/Ventilators (move such patients to main hospitals in your district) 7. Finally, this page will guide you on how to setup Digital War Rooms with Dashboards that gives you and your District Emergency Operations centers team access to the CoronaSafe network and necessary training to operationalise the above healthcare subsystems, ambulance subsystems, sample testing systems, healthcare work force networks, emergency logistics network for delivery of medicines and food and first line treatment centers.

Checklist for setting up Digital War Rooms

<Please note that Ernakulam District (Kochi) has a population of 30Lakhs with ~10,000 hospital beds and around 650 ambulances. The district emergency control room has

1. Checklist for setting up HealthCare Physical Assets Network

2. Checklist for setting up Human WorkForce Network

3. Checklist for setting up Emergency Logistics Network

4. Checklist for setting up Corona Primary Treatment Centers at Panchayats

5. Checklist for setting up Covid 19 Sample Management System

6. Checklist for Connecting all Sub Systems into Digital War Room

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