Food Logistics Network

This page describes how a system for estimating demand for emergency food along, where it has to be delivered and the volunteer crew required for delivery of food.

The Core of the Food Logistics Network is the CoronaSafe Super App

  1. People who are stranded or from marginalised sections of the society can call into a telephone/mobile number.

  2. This number is manned by Food Logistics Call Center Volunteers.

  3. There are 3 key pieces 1. A Central Console where incoming calls can be converted as request generation console for Call centre volunteers 2. A Data visualisation console where Kitchen Operators can see the demand for food in their area. This is currently being done at a ward level with the involvement of the Village Panchayat and Ward Member 3. The Mobile App Front end where food delivery volunteer crew can know where to pick up the food from and where to deliver it. Next Version Upgrade: 1.Group Food Delivery to be organised by Ward Member 2. Emergency Food Request from within the Super App 3. Individual Homes can register to cook an extra meal for members in their Ward/Panchayat

Process Flow

1. Call Center (to be manned by Food Logistics Call Center Crew) to Assess Demand

  • Name

  • Phone number (fetch from the call itself)

  • Aadhaar number

  • House name

  • Number of people food is requested for

  • Number of children

  • Number of senior citizens

  • Food preference (veg/non veg)

Since there is no GPS location available, it is important to match the request to the best possible coordinates.

For this, the Food Delivery Call Center volunteers fill in the District ->Drop down Panchayat - Drop down to Ward-> Enter the Delivery Landmark. This landmark will be a Google maps search and Food Call Center Volunteers should try and get a landmark that can be pinned on the map (95% of calls). If this is not possible, store it as text only as a last resort. (5% of calls)

This Request for Food is then accepted and registered in the Central Food Logistics Network.

2. Request Processing by Preparation of Food

1. Community Kitchens Operators will get a username/password to login into central console system.

2. The registration flow will capture the District->Municipality->Panchayat Area which they can serve.More than 1 panchayat can be picked.

3. Once the Community Kitchen Operators logs in the network, he/she an the administrators can see information like

  • Total number of food packets requested

  • Number of children/senior citizens

  • Veg/Non veg count

  • Heat maps of requests - identify areas with children/old people to prioritise timings

  • Estimated number of volunteers (delivery assets) needed to distribute the food packets

  • Estimated time to complete delivery

Eg: If Ward 4 has more requests for food packets, then more volunteers can be assigned to this area.

4. Once the food is nearing preparation, the Kitchen can inform that the food is ready to be picked up for delivery.

3. Request Fulfilment by Delivery of Food

  1. Food delivery Volunteers register on the app.

  2. They provide basic Registration information like

a. Name b. Mobile Number c. District -> Village Panchayat -> Ward No d. Vehicle type - to understand the number of foods packets he/she can distribute

3. Each Food Delivery Volunteer in a Ward receives the request for picking up food and delivery based on the information received from the Community Kitchen Centers 4. Multiple Volunteers in a ward receive the request to delivery the food packet prepared.

5. The Food Delivery Volunteer receives an Alarm on the SuperApp that it is time to go pick up the food for delivery.

5. GPS Route Map to the Landmark is received and the Delivery Volunteer navigates to that location.

6. Once the food packet has been delivered at a home, the GPS coordinates are fetched and stored against that home address/Aadhaar number for any future delivery.

7. This feature is designed to make subsequent deliveries easier.

4.Super Admin Console Super admins will be able to see this data across the entire system.

5. Estimate Need for Calculation for One Panchayat

1. Estimate population for a panchayat is 25,000 on average

2. Daily wage workers, elderly individuals/couple staying who usually have someone coming for them to make food. 3. People who are in quarantine and needs food. We are guess estimating based on pure field experience a minimum of 1000 people per panchayat. In Eranakulam District, there are 82 Village Panchayats, 13 Municipalities and 1 Corporation. ( Municipalities and Corporations will have more people who need food. ~100,000 food packets will be required for one mean in Ernakulam District.

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