Volunteer Registration

This is where individual volunteers can register and get trained and managed.

Priority in Registration will be given to volunteers who have contracted the diseases and have recovered fully. Such people should be part of the volunteer force as they are immune and can move around without any precautions amongst the infected and can handle it much better than anyone who has not yet contracted the disease. Thus, things like Masks and Hand Sanitisers are not majorly required. We should plan for volunteers to work in a one week cycle and one week off model. There needs to be a system where volunteers can register - work - exit - reregister.

Onboarding the Core Team of CCC

Once the team is identified, we follow process is followed to make the center functional and ready to receive people.

  • Training of the core team is done through an online system

  • On-site instruction and familiarisation of the facility and process

  • Trial run of a patient management system by the team by doing a full flow check so that they are aware of the process end to end on both discharge and transfer to hospital.

  • Click a button and make the center part of the CCC Network

Training the Core Team of CCC

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