Organisation Structure

Each Primary Treatment Center is a 24 hour facility which has to be manned by 21people across 6 roles.

The Corona Care staff system would operate in in three shifts of 8 hours with Morning Shift 8am to 4pm, Evening Shift from 4pm to 12am and Night Shift 12am to 8am. Team is divided into two categories based on whether they are operating Inside the Buffer Zone (Clinical and Cleaning staff) and Outside the buffer zone.






1 Doctor on call

Support the medical decisions. Final Year/Medical Internship students can volunteer here.

The concerned doctor on call will be reporting to the Medical Officer in Charge

Strategy of setting up FLTC's is to create a basic capacity to avoid overloading of hospital system.


3 Nurse & 3 Nursing Assistants

Nurse will head the clinical decisions at the center. Nurses/Nursing Students Lab Technicians Pharmacists Medical Students can serve.

People who need round the clock injections are more sick and needs to be taken to a hospital and not treated here. 2 people work-in 8 hours shifts


6 people for Cleaning

Ensuring that the center is clean and tidy

Support of Kudumbasree Members may be sought. 2poeple work in 8 hours shifts


1 Center Head

Ensure that the center runs smoothly by ordinating with various government agencies for things like Food and Water Supplies Medical Supplies Electricity Ambulance (Land and Air)

A non-medical person who can ensure that right number of people, supplies and can co-ordinate with the government that things are running smoothly. This person is the Administrative Authority/CEO in Charge


1 Public Relations Officer

Oversee Public Relations such as media and general public. Assist the Center Head in co-ordination with Government Agencies and Volunteers

Ward Member .


6 Support Volunteers who are multitasking

Support, Patient Management work amongst the patients Ensuring Utilities like Power and Water at the center. Inventory Management of the Center Waste generated is disposed properly through the Waste Management Unit. Ensuring that correct data is quickly entered into the system so that the master database is populated accurately.

General volunteers can become a support staff 2 people work-in 8 hours shifts.Ideally an engineering student who is interested in computer science and data modelling is the best person for this role. If such a student is not available, Anyone who can use a computer and enter data online at platform is also a right person for this role. 1 people work in 8 hour shifts.

We have to ensure that each PHC has a telemedicine system with a mobile and sim phone. The Center Head also plans for 21 additional people as well who will be ready to step in in Week#2. For Week#3, the week#1 team will come back.

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