Training Academy

The volunteers who are staffed would be trained remotely first before they report to the physical center.

General training modules created will be

  1. Aim/Mission of the Center

  2. Physical Capacity and Structure of the Center

  3. General Operating Guidelines at time of crisis.

  4. Individual Roles and Responsibilities of Individuals

  5. Do's and Dont's to be taken once in the center

  6. Inventory Available in the Center

Medical/Clinical Training Modules At each panchayat, we need to train modern medicine, Ayurveda and Homeo doctors and other nurses to ensure that the clinical management protocols are maintained in the three facilities. Training will be on three things 1. How to take Swab 2. How to treat Asymptomatic Patients 3. How to treat Symptomatic patients 4. Infection Control Protocol

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