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Things to Clarify

These are things that are to be flushed out.
  • Ram Mohan to find from Deepa who from Govt setup the Flood Center
  • Ram Mohan to find from Usha Titus who can then administer the center for the Govt.
  • Ram Mohan to guide excom identify the roles
  • Ram Mohan to update the number of beds required.
  • Ram Mohan to plan how to calculate this for another school so that it can be entered into a software which will predict the patient handling capacity.
  • The software has to create the inventory list automatically for a CCC once patient handling capacity is found out.
  • Sanjay to Talk to AirForce to figure out how to setup a helicopter landing pad in the School Ground
  • . This data is also to be available to the police who should be able to quickly move doctors from point A (home) to point (b) - a CCC - at the fastest time possible so that all centers are well staffed in time.
  • Ramettan to talk to Rector for counselling
  • Mention in a note that each center has to adapt the model to their own individual situation, requirements and available facilities.
  • Sanjay to talk to Usha Madam to talk to CET to start one in government sector.
  • Tompson to add the food and water plan for the center
  • Setup the operating processes for the CCC - from making a center Go Live to accepting patients
In Patient Management Criteria for Discharge or Transfer to Hospital Ramettan to add based on WHO/Health Department Guidelines> IN Waste Management
Plan this with IMA. Talk to an Expert and get the best ways to manage this.