Patient Management

This page describes how a patient can enter into the Primary Treatment Center, use the system and exit the system.

Step 1: Patient Registration.

  1. A patient who physically comes to the Primary Treatment Center first comes to the Registration Desk.

  2. From there the patient is registered in the Corona HealthCare Network.

Step 2 - OP Triage

  1. Once Registration is over, the person moves to the Primary Assessment Area. The following staff are required here:

  • 1 Doctor

  • 1 Support staff

  • 1 Paramedical staff

  • 1 Data programmer

2. Based on the severity of the condition, the doctor decides whether the patient has to be

  1. Send back home after taking a sample

  2. Admit the person into the Primary Treatment Center or

  3. Transfer to a Secondary or Tertiary Treatment Center

3. If the person is admitted to the Primary Treatment center, then the system has to say which is the available bed for the patient (desirable).

4. Each person will get an ID tag/ band to identify an inmate Directed to their allotted bed.

5. A paper file is created to chart their stay- vital recordings and details of medications entered.The following parameters are to be monitored every six hours.

  1. Fever

  2. Cough and Breathing difficulty

  3. Any other illness (status of diabetes/hypertension)

6. This data is updated into the system by the data team and will be provided access to software engineers to create predicitive data models on which patient could get critical.

7. This data will be send to the hospital (if a patient is being transferred)/health department so that they have a comprehensive overview of the status of each patient and overall data in the HealthCare Network 8. Thus, when the doctors at the Secondary or Tertiary Care centers see the patient, they are are already aware of the 7-14 day history and background details of the patient who is reaching for treatment.

Patient Handover/Discharge

There are two methods by which a patient can exits the system> (A-) Transfer to Secondary/Tertiary Care Centers for Corona or (B)- Discharged Home

Other Details

  1. Separate area for females to be created by the use of screens.

  2. No bystanders to be allowed.

  3. We have to also consider entertainment- since the school auditorium has a projector.

  4. The rooms behind the stage will be for the staff.

  5. We need a realtime dashboard which shows the live data.

  6. There should be a facility to assign patients separately as male and female+children and family (father+mother+children+grant parents)

Criteria for Discharge or Transfer to Hospital

<Ramettan to add based on WHO/Health Department Guidelines>

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