Trucks Management System

This page describes the trucks management system to monitor the entry and exit of trucks into the district.

Truck Data Collection Sub-System (TDCS)- Ernakulam

  1. Background: There are a large number of trucks which enter and exit the district on a daily basis. The log book of these trucks have to be maintained in the event where there is a need to connect back to a particular truck driver at a later date for some reason. During a positive case of Corona, it would be essential for district medical officials to have such details for contact tracing and surveillance. The Truck Data Collection Sub-system (TDCS) has been developed under the direction of Ernakulam district administration and is part of the CoronaSafe Network, an open source public utility created an interdisciplinary group of volunteers.

  2. System Overview: TDCS has a very simple and easy to use interface. 2.1 Authorised Users Login to the network at

2.3 The Log Book allows system administrators to view the data of trucks which have entered/exited with the search option.

2.4 The Summary Dashboard displays the overall data to district administrator. The below summary shows 79 log book records of which 71 is ENTRY and 8 is EXIT.

2. 5 Protocol for Operations:

  • The system is jointly operated by the District Administration and Police Department. The district borders are manned by the Police personnel.

  • The District administration will have the administrator login to create new users into the system.

  • Using this secure login and password, the data entry will be done by the police department. Specific logins are given to each border post.

  • The system administrators will have ability to view the overall summary and detailed logbook

2.6. Server and data security:

  • The server systems and data is hosted in a government audited and approved secure data center of Amazon Internet Services Private Limited with empanelment validity till 24.10.2022. This can be verified by visiting

Conclusion: 1. The process ensures a digital logbook of the trucks that are coming to the district. 2. The same system can be edited or modified for any kind of data that might be needed in the future.

Annexure: A process of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) to upgrade the network

  • As CoronaSafe is an open-source network run by volunteers, district administration can file Github requests to upgrade the basic features.

  • On 24th April, a request was filed by EKM District administration to upgrade the basic features to include a Point of Origin (States). The github issue filed is below.

  • This issue was fixed in the next three hours by volunteers in the network

  • As the network leverage the process of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, the field workforce has received a system upgrade and now enter the data of state of origin as well.

See the last column which shows the state of origin of the truck.

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