SuperFab Labs

This is the centralised facility to co-ordinate the rapid manufacture of most critical medical inventory that is running out of stock at our hospitals and healthcare centers.

Urgent Local Materials are required to be supplied at Kerala Technology Innovation Zone, Kalamasserry

1)Spun bound polypropylene with hydrophilic plastic coating (with active component 2%citric acid) 2. Cellulose/Plaric treated with metal ions (copper 1.6%,zinc1,6% to ensure dielectric property to neutralise virus/bacteria) 3. Melt blown polypropylene 4. Normal spun bound polypropylene. Please ENSURE that volunteers are having good knowledge of the field as this could make a difference between life and death.

Contact Person: Tom (+91 88863 84499) Context: At the SuperFab Labs, we are planning to make things that are critical yet but short supply in the global market.

We are not sure the actual equipment that will be required but we are preparing ourselves as a team to work quickly and deliver products that we feel would be required.

Once items in short supply but are critical (like N95 masks, PPEs, respirators etc. ) are identified, The modus operandi is to develop designs (adopt open source designs) and make prototypes, do thorough testing as per standards. Create a manufacturing protocol so that in time of crisis one can make it in numbers in short period of time. PLEASE note WE ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE THESE ITEMS IN BULK.

Our facility is for rapid prototyping and we will work as a development and experimentation centre to develop designs, which are scalable. we have seen that there are operational challenges even when we adopt open source DIY designs and hence there is a need to fine tune such designs to make it ready to make, if need arises. The potential sources of materials, supply chain for components, manufacturing facilities in industrial estates, colleges etc. will also be identified for quick scaling up. Having said that if there are manufacturing bottlenecks we will make a few pieces of such critical components

Once a product is developed, we will have detailed documentation of the same with step by step process of making including supply chain sources, machining centres etc. so that when demand peaks it can be made, easily.

Please note one key element for our design is to reduce the turnaround time . The designs are made keeping in mind. Logistics consideration, ease of installation etc.

Since we havent worked before in a Global Pandemic situation and the situation is changing day by day, we have taken a decision at this point to prepare our team members to work jointly and finding the right roles and responsibilities that will enable us to make prototypes rapidly when the actual demands comes in from the healthcare system.

To enable this, we are working on two key items that we anticipate a shortage for.

1. Mechanical Respirators

A mechanical respirator

**2. N95 Masks

Resource Overview: Equipment and People**

Super Fab Lab has the following machines which can be used to create rapid prototyping (if there are parts /products which require these facilities, we can facilitate the same)

We have a Super fab lab, Two Fab labs and many min fab labs which are available. The machine description in each of these are as given below

Super Fab Lab Machines:

Regular Fab Lab Machines:

We have experts trained by MIT under fab Academy Program available to manage the laboratory

For details contact Mr. Tom Thomas


The first proto of mechanical respirator is over. Working on second prototype. The model is to provide an automatic activation of Ambu bags so that it can probbaly be used for patients who need oxygen supply but have to be kept outside a proper ICU

The final ready to make model for Mechanical respirator from Super Fab Lab

The next steps : a pilot manufacturing will be done in next 3-4 days to fine tune the production design. Will get into full fledged production after that.

Need support in making Ambubags in numbers

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