Phase wise Roll Out Plan for EKM

The phase wise system integration and roll out plan for EKM District is as follows

Three subsystems are ready for phase 1 launch in Ernakulam 1.Launch HealthCare Network ( for the district administration to create a Hospital Data Collection System. (HDCS) on 24th Friday by 4pm. Dr Praveen and Anju are the responsible people for HDCS and will report to DPM/DMO.

2. Launch Health Force Data Collection system ( (HFDCS) for all health professionals in the state. Each professional in the district has to register in the healthforce system and then undergo the 1 hour course on COVID19 Management at

This goes live by 24th 4pm. 3. Launch Truck Data Collection System ( Admin will be given to IC, CP and SP Rural. This will be launched by 24th Friday by 4pm Phase 2 Roll Out Plan

  1. Sample Management System - This will be rolled as part of the HDCS. The entire sample collection, testing and results can be seen in one single dashboard. This will be launched by 27th, 11am.

  2. Ambulance Network - The Ambulance Data Collection System will be rolled out on 27th by 4pm. The authorised officer is Mr G Ananthakrishan.

3. Information Dissimenation on First Line Treatment Centers

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