Operating Model of a Primary Treatment Center

Assumption: Reverse Transcriptase Polymerise Chain Reaction Test (RTPCR Test) results capacity is available and results would be available within 24 hours.

There are three sub-components to the Primary Treatment Center.

  1. A Testing Facility for taking Swabs This facility is for taking swabs from patients who are suspected to have corona. Swabs collected will be taken to the centralised testing center which will be one testing center for 10 panchayats.

  2. A Facility for providing healthcare for Corona Positive Asymptomatic Patients These patients are having Corona but they dont show any symptoms. Thus, they also dont need much medical help as their immune systems are strong. These patients how ever could spread Corona to others and this is the reason why they need to stay away from the general population for a small period of time to avoid the spread of virus. Patients will need to be given food, recreation and other general medicines which they have already been taking (if any). There will be a medical nurse at the center to whom patients can report if they have any medical problems or difficulty. A doctor on call facility is also available at this Primary Treatment Center. There will be one ambulance at each Panchayat for emergency response in shortest time.

  3. A Facility for providing Healthcare for Corona Positive Patients with mild symptoms (Fever/Cough/Throat Pain/Runny Nose). These patients are also treated in cohorts or groups at the Primary Treatment Center. The main difference in treatment of this facility is that medical help has to be higher. There needs to be 24 hours doctors/nurses at the facility who are working in three shifts.

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