Emergency Evacuation Plan

This page describes the emergency evacuation plans that we need to do for evacuating Keralites from state and countries that would not be able to withstand the attack from Corona.

Cochin International Airport is expecting the largest influx of Keralites back to the state. The following actions are being done in parallel to safely bring the citizens back home.

A form will be filled by people who want to travel into EKM district.

This form will have details of where the person want to come and stay in the district.

This form once submitted will be verified physically on the ground at the Village Panchayat level by a Health care worker.

The most important is to have two things.

  1. A room with attached bathroom for self isolation at home.

  2. Not having anyone who is in the vulnerable category at home

This physical verification on the ground will be done by

If the person is not having a place to stay, then they can access CoronaSafe Stays and then stay in either government setup hostels (free of cost for staying with food from community kitchens) or take a place to stay in a hotel with varying room rates from 1000 per night (with 3 times food) to 4000 per night.

This system will be fully integrated with the Cochin International Airport, Railway Stations, Bus Stands and other points of physical entry in the system.

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