Medical Oxygen Supply

This page describes how medical oxygen and its supply chain can be setup and ensured.

BPCL is figuring out a way to ensure supply of oxygen through its partners.

  1. Capacity planning for Oxygen.

  2. Oxygen through mask/tube or ventilator we need oxygen

  3. 5 litres per minute per minute 300liters per hour * 24 is 7200 Litres/day/person.

  4. What is the litres of medical oxygen we can create?

  5. Oxygen cylinder manufactures should function round the clock.

  6. We need to ensure that their supply chain and distribution is working round the clock.

Update on 23rd March BPCL is in touch with Innox Air Products who has a huge Oxygen manufacturing facility at Kanjikode and the plant is fully operational. This facility has 1000 T liquid oxygen storage family and regulary supply to 60 hospitals in Kerala. I have talked with their Southern India head and he has assured that medical O2 supplies should not be problem at all. They supply Liquid Oxygen in tankers and this will be connected to hospital tank. They don’t supply in cylinders.

Mr William +91 98409 87708 is the contact person.

Alternately Mr Mayank Nagar +91 78755 51278 Air Products will also be able to help us.

There is an alternate source of oxygen supply that we are looking at through suppliers through the Health Department.

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