Capacity Modelling

The first step each institution should do is to model the capacity that each individual institution can create and contribute to the CCC Network.

In Loyola School, the first building we start with the Indoor Stadium which can accommodate large number of people. Location Map:

Rules of Thumb

$ The rule of thumb is that each person needs 8Ft*4Ft area to sit and lie down.

The patient comes the School main entrance Gate where he is welcomed with a hand sanitiser and given directions as to where he/she should go. The road comes straight to the canteen where we have setup an Assessment Area for meeting people to assess what the condition is and deciding where to send them 1. Home 2. Admit at CCC 3. Send to Hospital. If the patient has to be admitted, he/she is shown the way down to the Indoor Stadium which has an entrance with an archway where the patient comes in. If the patient has to be send to Hospital, he/she is immediately given information about the latest status of free ambulance and the expected time of pick up and which would be the possible destination hospital where he/she would go. If the patient requires AIR Ambulance, he/she moves up to the Football Ground where air ambulance has a landing facility would come.

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