Load Balancing Corona Patients against healthcare facilities in a District

This page describes the healthcare resource allocation plan for load balancing corona patients in a District Healthcare system

Background: 1. Every district will need a plan to deal with individuals who are coming into a district after the lockdown is eased. This includes international, inter-state and inter district travellers. 2. Key Principle: We have a separate system to deal with Covid patients and non covid patients.

3. The following infrastructure facilities are required.





Home Isolation

The No 1 focus is to get all patients with no or mild symptoms to stay at homes with attached bathrooms.


Short Stay Homes

Rooms with attached bathrooms are for keeping suspects/patients who don't have Home Isolation facility


Clinics with Out Patient (PHC and Private Clinic)

People with suspects/mild symptoms are either asked to go for Home Isolation or asked to move to Hospital.


Hospitals (To do Triage -> Isolation) on positive move to (1) or (5)

Hospitals have to function as they are normally functioning. A triage is conducted for identifying those with respiratory symptoms from amongst the patients coming to Hospital as a precaution to avoid spread. If there is a Covid suspect, the hospital shall immediately isolate the suspect in their own ISOLATION Room as a precaution to prevent spread. A swab is taken and immediately send for testing. On patient testing negative, he will continue with the normal system at the hospital On patient testing positive, he/she will be transferred via Ambulance to the corresponding Covid Treatment System available in the district at a particular point of time.


Covid Tertiary Treatment Center

These are Apex treatment centers with high end medical facilities and staff designated to only treat Covid +ve patients. The following hospitals will be activated in sequence based on capacity being filled for utilisation.

1. Medical College, Kalamasserry (60 ICU, 30 Vent)

2. Aster Medcity (30 ICU)

3. Renai Hospital 4. Medical College, Kozhencherry 5. Rajagiri Hospital 6. Amritha Hospital


Covid Secondary Treatment Center

These are Secondary treatment centers with medium medical facilities, staff and Isolation facilities designated to treat Covid +ve patients upto moderate symptoms The following hospitals are designated 1. Medical College Kalamassery (450 Bed Ward) 2. Karuvelippadi Taluk Hospital (150 Bed Ward) 3. Angamaly Taluk Hospital (100 Bed Ward) 4. SN Medical College, Paravoor (500 Bed Ward) Total 1200 beds are designed currently for secondary. Patients who worsen conditions here are moved via ICU ambulance to Teritary/Apex treatment centers.


Covid Primary Treatment Center

These are centers which will be activated once the spread goes beyond a level that can be controlled. These centers are setup at Panchayats and will be used to treat patients who have mild symptoms. If the symptoms worsen, then the patients are shifted to 5.2 If the number of patients increases to large numbers, the centers would be further decentralised from Panchayat to Ward Level.

Things to do: Protocol Videos which show both facility and procedure to be made on

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